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BHRR Proposal for Residential Revitalization - Strategy

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The BHRR is a resident led committee seeking support from residents in the Bond Hill Community and the Bond Hill Community Council membership.

Bond Hill Residential Revitalization Strategy

We seek the Bond Hill Community Council Member’s approval for the BH Residential Revitalization Committee (BHRR Committee) to explore whether funders and other resources can be made available for implementation of the Bond Hill Residential Revitalization Strategy (BHRR Strategy) summarized below. This strategy is a model to demonstrate that by revitalizing the exterior portions of homes on the eight streets that are connected to the business district, living wage salaries for contractors can be created to sustain and create more jobs during and after the COVID 19 Virus pandemic is contained. The eight streets for this demonstration are; Andina Ave., Garden Ln., Dalewood Ave., and Dalewood Street on the east side of Reading Rd. and on the west side of Reading Rd. are Anita Pl., California Ave., Rose Ave. and Elizabeth Pl.

Andina Ave. residents have come together to decide what is best for them, but to speed the process up, we propose that a contractor(s) be hired to execute a similar decision-making process of action on the other seven streets. Once the BH Residential Revitalization Strategy proves that it will work to achieve the 11 objectives below; it can be expanded across the whole community of Bond Hill and further.

The BHRR Strategy proposes to:

1. Keep the Bond Hill business district free of any housing;

2. Take measures to Increase the level of safety for the youth playing in the street and seniors crossing the street to socialize.

3. Provide grants for repairing code violations and to provide other external home improvements to increase the potential appraised values; and to enhance the community’s drive by view to attract real estate brokers and potential home buyers;

4. Take measures to reduce the traffic bottle neck at Andina Ave. and Reading Road to make it easier to exit Andina Ave. onto Reading Rd. and to slow down the traffic so that drivers can see the type of businesses in our new business district.

5. Place a stop light to eliminate the danger of crashing when existing from Andina Ave. onto Rhode Island.

6.Stabilize, increase and support the community’s social homeownership culture and heighten the self-esteem of owners and renters alike;

7.Repair the sewers at Reading Rd, and down Andina Ave. to reduce and/or eliminate basement flooding of homes;

8. Increase appraisal values in order to increase equity that could increase potential cash flow and wealth for homeowners; and to increase potential higher resale values of targeted homes as well as increase the values of surrounding homes;

9. Reduce gentrification of homeowners, small businesses and displacement of tenants in the southeast, central and southwest sectors of Bond Hill;

10. Expand the racial and economic reintegration of Bond Hill;

11. Expand the retail customer base for the new and current businesses during and after the district’s revitalization;

Qualifications: One objective is to identify enough homes so that the project is financially large enough to show potential investors the level of profits to be made, but small enough to control, measure outcomes and to convince investors and other partners to expand the project. The BHRR Strategy proposes to provide grants to repair and improve targeted residential properties that have:

1) Visible external city code violations;

2) Other needed external repairs and enhancement opportunities;

3) Households of seniors, 65 and older;

4) Homeowners of any age who have invested in their homes for at least (15) years; and

5) Homes and rental properties in Bond Hill of landlords who also live in Bond Hill. If you have questions and/or comments, please email them to and/or

Be Well, Morris Morris Williams, Convener BH Residential Revitalization Committee 1823 Andina Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 - 513-641-5446 Board Member Emeritus, National Community Reinvestment Coalition - 202-628-8866

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