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BHRR Proposal for Residential Revitalization - Q&A

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The BHRR is a resident led committee seeking support from residents in the Bond Hill Community and from the Bond Hill Community Council membership.

The Proposed Bond Hill Residential Revitalization Strategy

Dear BHCC Members and Neighbors, we were told there are other questions needing answers you have not heard. This is a good time for you to give us your input because after our April membership meeting, we will proceed to pursue the funding. That said, only the President, Executive Committee and/or the Board can authorize any agreements drafted by the BHRR Committee and any other entity.

1) Would my income level disqualify me and my home?

The BHRR Committee didn’t propose income limits to qualify for the BHRR Strategy because that might reject too many homes. For success, we need to improve as many houses as possible, to improve our standard of living and self-esteem. Improving our homes will create cycles of high paying jobs and revitalize our residential sectors. The BHRR Strategy will also generate and increase situational and generational wealth for homeowners; including those who don’t qualify for the grants.

2) Will the home improvements increase my property taxes and force me out?

To fight gentrification, the BHRR Committee will seek 3 years of tax abatement on the repairs and upgrades until your house is given to someone as an inheritance or sold.

3) Will these improvements increase my rent and force me out?

To support tenants from being displaced (forced out) by high rent increases in properties improved under the BHRR Strategy, the BHRR Committee proposes that the Bond Hill Community Council (BHCC) hold meetings with landlords and tenants to seek written agreements in exchange for the amount of repair and equity achieved. We propose that landlords allow tenants not to pay rent for a number of months, and when rents start again, we want them to not raise rents on their tenants for 2 years. We also want to encourage savings and investments, such as CDs, etc. with a percentage of the rent abatement. This agreement would not change the rules on any landlord if their tenant(s) are messing up the property and any other infractions that could lead to eviction.

4) Will we have to pay the money back?

The BHRR Committee will seek grant funding to be provided to a non-profit for a fund to pay for materials and labor on our properties; and for other services to be decided by the Bond Hill Community Council (BHCC).

5) How can the BHRR Strategy be implemented during this virus and another one on the way?

With regards to spreading the COVID 19 Virus, exceptions notwithstanding, the overall work will be done on the outside of homes to minimize homeowner contact with contractors. Masks in the winter keeps your face warm but, since we are not contractors, we do not know what wearing masks might mean to different people working long hours in the summer heat. And, if homes are being improved in a cluster, an outside portable restroom can be added to provide distancing safety and convenience for residents and contractors.

6) Do we have to be members of the BHCC?

You don’t have to be a Bond Hill Community Council member for you or your home to qualify. But, since the dues are so low, it is highly recommended; and gives the council more strength and influence for this strategy and other things we all need to achieve now and in the future.

In its implementation stages, the BHRR Strategy will generate potential situational cash flow (loans against equity), situational wealth (house and equity) as well as generational wealth (inheritance that are assets rather than debt). But remember, this is only a proposal with a lot of moving parts; including funding, administrative contractors and coaches to assist us in the work. Funders and other partners will influence what we can address on all of these matters.

Improving our business and residential districts will attract customers for our business district and make compounded profits for the investors. This will add to the overall economic recovery of the City and region with earning taxes and sales tax revenues without raising a tax, no fee and no levy. Everyone benefits in similar, same and different ways.

Qualifying Characteristics:

1) If you are 65 and older your house would qualify for repairs and/or improvements to prevent gentrification of seniors

being forced out;

2) If there are visible code violations on the outside of your home, it qualifies to prevent gentrification of residents being

forced out by fines.

3) If there are no code violations but other upgrades to your house can be made that increases appraised value, home’s

equity and potential resale value; your house qualifies.

4) If you have been a Bond Hill homeowner for 15 years; your home qualifies;

5) If you own your home in Bond Hill and your rental property(s) are in Bond Hill, your home and rental properties would

qualify as well;

Stay Blessed,


Morris Williams, Convener

BH Residential Revitalization Committee - 513-641-5446 - 513-499-7260

Board Member Emeritus, National Community Reinvestment Coalition - 202-628-8866

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