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Building Community Together Since 1870

Founded as a railroad suburb and temperance community in 1870[1] in northeastern Millcreek Township in Hamilton County, Ohio, Bond Hill is currently a neighborhood of the City of Cincinnati. It is one of a number of neighborhoods lining the Mill Creek, an urban stream in southwestern Ohio. The population was 6,972 at the 2010 census.

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The Bond Hill Community Council seeks to enhance the quality of life for all the residents of the Bond Hill neighborhood. We work to achieve this goal by promoting public safety, crime prevention, participation in existing public and private community-based programs, and developing neighborhood-specific activities to improve the social and community experience for all our residents.


   We embrace diversity and tolerance in this community and within our city. We do this by giving all residents who desire to participate an opportunity to be equal stakeholders in this organization.

Meet the Bond Hill Community Council
Executive Board

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The Bond Hill Community Council is organized to maintain the personal, community and business assets, both moral and physical of the Bond Hill community in a superior manner. These assets include, but are not limited to: an abundance of fine families, well-kept homes, real property, convenient shopping centers, superior schools staff with highly qualified instructors, and a variety of businesses. The organization welcomes into the Bond Hill community all persons sincerely interested in sustaining its assets. The organization also provides a forum in which to air possible improvements to the community and issues affecting the well-being of the community and its residents, with the intent that reason, justice and good will shall prevail.

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